Charting the future of diversity in the wake of the SCOTUS ruling

On July 13th, Attorneys General from 13 states issued a cease and desist letter to CEOs of Fortune 100 companies, extending the reach of the recent Supreme Court ruling rendering quotas at academic institutions unconstitutional to corporate DEI programs.

Where do we go from here to achieve both growth and compliance?
This ruling, and the regulatory and market pressures that accompany it, require companies to enrich their approach to executing programs needed to compete and grow. Diversity is foundational to all healthy ecosystems, particularly organizations that require next-generation talent, robust supplier portfolios, and a sustainable customer base.

What’s important to understand is that while certain race-based affirmative action practices are now unconstitutional, diversity programs are not. We can maintain our commitment to this mission-critical objective and everything it means to the future of organizational success and our country’s socioeconomic health while also remaining compliant.

The most critical action we can take is to be thoughtful and intentional. We have an obligation as leaders to use this watershed point in our nation’s history to come together to shape the future of what diversity means and operationalize a framework that best serves our stakeholders–our investors, workforce, suppliers, customers, and surrounding communities.

This is where Equity Quotient can help. We built a rich technology platform that has intersected dozens of socioeconomic data sources to achieve an AI-powered analytics solution that can help you achieve the next generation of diversity. We want to help you maintain the hard-earned legacy you have built while continuing to make the value of diversity foundational to everything that you do.

Where there are barriers as a result of the ruling, we see a call for collective courage and leadership. Our goal is to help your organization make more informed, data-driven decisions that go beyond quotas and increase competitiveness in this fragmented and chaotic landscape to achieve operational integrity and sustainable growth.

If you’re interested in exploring what the future of diversity can look like for your institution, we’re here to help. There are several ways to get started:

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We look forward to partnering with you on this journey and navigating the complex, noisy waters to maintain the clarity and conviction needed to be an organization built for the future.

Perfecto and Christina

Equity Quotient, Inc.