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For individuals or teams looking to leverage socioeconomic data to address a focused business need.



No credit card required



For individuals or teams looking to leverage socioeconomic data to address a focused business need.




Per dashboard per month, billed annually



For individuals or teams looking for comprehensive data and analytics to address intersectional challenges.




Per month, billed annually



For organizations looking for an integrated solution to measure impact and automate compliance.

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Do I need a credit card to start a free trial?

No, you don’t need a credit card to get started.

What is the General Population dashboard?

The General Population dashboard will give you a comprehensive snapshot of the U.S. population, segmented by region and evaluated across six pivotal socioeconomic dimensions: demographic diversity, education levels, workforce engagement, average earnings, property ownership trends, and entrepreneurial ventures.

How many additional users can I invite into my account?

You can invite an unlimited number of people to your account.

What are Social KPIs?

Social KPIs refer to socioeconomic data that can be used to track the impact of your business initiatives. Socioeconomic data describes the social and economic characteristics of a population or group. It can include information on income, education, employment, housing, and other factors that impact overall well-being.

What data can be exported? In what format?

Paid subscribers of Equity Quotient’s platform can export and print data from the tables that appear at the bottom of every Equity Quotient dashboard. This data is available in .csv format, which can be incorporated into offline spreadsheets in your environment and/or integrated into other systems, such as Tableau or PowerBI, for further ad-hoc analysis.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

User contracts are annual and must be paid in advance. Customers are able to cancel at any time, and their accounts will not be renewed the following year. Equity Quotient does not provide refunds to customers who choose to cancel their account.

Still not sure? No worries. You can try for free.

Experience our Core Package with a 14-day free trial. And even if you choose not to continue, you can keep access to the General Population dashboard.