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Workforce Diversity Dashboard

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What is the Keep The Change Workforce Diversity Dashboard?

Keep the Chain is partnering with Equity Quotient to help you increase access to socioeconomic data to make better decisions. This rich data platform provides a deeper understanding of the most important assets driving your business success–your stakeholders.

Employees, suppliers, customers, and surrounding communities are the lifeblood of every organization organization and the key to remaining relevant and competitive. Equity Quotient is an AI powered stakeholder intelligence platform that supports leaders in managing risk, automating compliance reporting, and informing opportunities for new growth.

With Equity Quotient, you can:

  • Gain a vivid picture of the talent marketplace: Understanding the nuances of your unique region’s socioeconomic environment.

  • Explore insights on regional workforce demographics: Gleaning actionable guidance on the workforce available to you.

  • Understand the broader socioeconomic landscape: Particularly related to factors that impact the community and your business.

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