BIPOC is Bigger than Britain.

This staggering figure would be larger than the GDP of many countries worldwide, including Great Britain. In fact, if BIPOC spending in the United States were considered a separate country, it would make it the 5th largest GDP in the world.

This statistic is a testament to the economic power of BIPOC in the United States. Despite facing systemic barriers and discrimination, BIPOC communities have managed to accumulate significant wealth and spending power. This spending power is significant not only in terms of its economic impact but also in terms of its potential to drive social change.

One of the most important implications of this statistic is that it highlights the importance of inclusive economic policies. If BIPOC communities can fully participate in the economy, they can contribute significantly to the growth and development of the country as a whole. This means that policies that promote economic inclusion, such as access to capital, education, and training, are critical to ensuring that BIPOC communities can fully realize their economic potential.

U.S. BIPOC spending power would be the 5TH LARGEST GDP in the world at $3.9T, larger than Great Britain.

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Another important implication of this statistic is that it challenges the notion that BIPOC communities burden the economy. In fact, the opposite is true. BIPOC communities are a significant driver of economic growth and development in the United States. By recognizing and supporting the economic power of these communities, we can create a more equitable and prosperous society for all.