We have great news. We’ve just launched a new Mortgage Access dashboard that provides unrivaled depth and insight into home ownership through the mortgage attainment journey by region and race/ethnicity.

Specifically, this dashboard provides features:

  • The EQ Opportunity Index which provides mortgage credit profiles each region based on loan originations, approval rates, acceptance rates, and interest rates by race/ethnicity compared to the general population in each community. The index is calculated using a weighted formula of those underlying metrics to convey the relative level of access to mortgage credit and opportunity for home ownership in each region across the country.
  • The Growth Opportunity Level plots home ownership affordability combined with access to mortgage credit for each region. The measure of affordability and credit access are based on the racial or ethnic group selected in the filter at the top of the page.
  • The Mortgage Acceptance Rate by income bracket or mortgage size for the selected race/ethnicity.
  • A comparison of the range of interest rates paid by income bracket or mortgage size for the selected race/ethnicity.
  • A comparison of the median mortgage loan amount versus median home value by income bin or mortgage size bin for the selected race/ethnicity.
  • A profile of the mortgage attainment journey in each region for the selected race/ethnicity compared to a reference group, including the portion of the households applying for mortgages, the approval/ acceptance rates for each group, and the relative amount of home value borrowed.
  • Mortgage access profiles by region or race/ethnicity that includes rich data on:
    • Population
    • Median Income
    • Home Ownership
    • Total Applications
    • Total Application Value
    • Acceptance Rate
    • Mortgages Executed
    • Total Mortgage Value
    • Median Home Value

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